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Shenn Vraaraght ny Masoonee Heyrey as Feeu

 Provincial Grand Lodge of the Isle of Man

Ard-Sheshaght Ardjynagh Ellan Vannin

 Failt Erriu, Welcome to all visitors to the website of the Masonic Province of the Isle of Man.

 Freemasonry world-wide has a proud and colourful history dating back many centuries.

 Here, in our lovely island home, Freemasonry has reflected our diverse cultural heritage and our status as a semi-autonomous Crown Dependency.  Situated centrally in the Irish Sea, almost equidistant from the four “Home Nations” yet not part of the United Kingdom, our Provincial Grand Lodge has operated since 1886 under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of England, prior to which we had Lodges warranted variously by the Scottish and Irish Constitutions.

 Our 19 Craft Lodges and 6 Royal Arch Chapters continue to attract members from all aspects of Manx life, with the professions being represented from the retail and manufacturing industries; the clergy and civil service alongside men from the construction trades; bricklayers; carpenters and plumbers maintaining links with our ancient forebears the operative stone-masons. 

I am privileged to be the 13th Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master following a distinguished succession which started with Sir John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman, Speaker of the House of Keys, and includes Lieutenant Governors, several Deemsters (our High Court Judges) and an Archdeacon, a humbling yet inspiring challenge for this mere Chartered Surveyor, but I can claim an association with operative masonry! 

Conscious that we are in and of our community, a community which has evolved and changed dramatically over recent years, we are actively cementing our established relationships with all sectors of the island, particularly in which we have a common interest in contributing to the well-being of both individuals and wider society in which we live. 

Should your interest be in gaining further knowledge of Freemasonry prior to seeking membership or merely to have more information about us, our history, principles and activities kindly use the links for insights to one of the world’s oldest fraternal organisations.

 For visiting Freemasons wishing to attend one of our Lodges or the many other Masonic orders active on the Isle of Man, the appropriate contacts are listed and you are assured of a warm Manx welcome in the best traditions of true fellowship.

Lhiuish dy firinagh

 Keith Dalrymple

Provincial Grand Master




R.W.Bro. R.K. Dalrymple

R.W.Bro. R.K. Dalrymple

Provincial Grand Master for the Isle of Man




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